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About the album SHADES OF JOY Dani says :

The songs talk about life the way I see it.

It is cruel, fun, terrible, light. All those things depending on what you are going through.
It is kinder to some than to others and we all try to do the best we can with what we’ve got. I have written many love songs in the past and I realized love is very often an illusion that we want to cling on to whatever the cost.

I have come to the conclusion that there can be no love without respect and that we cannot expect others to respect us if we don’t respect ourselves . To be true to oneself is much more important than to be true to a partner. Many times love is a form of addiction, and like all addictions it is toxic.

It is an album I am proud of since it reflects who I am today and how Vaya con Dios has evolved through the past years. Bringing a touch of light to the world in these troubled times.

I talk about the place women have in our supposedly equal society. They are still struggling and it seems to me the struggle will never end, since men were brought up for ages believing in their superiority.

I talk about the world and the poor state it is in. Because of the ones who run it. About injustice that seems there to stay.

But more importantly about the happiness that we sometimes feel. We hope you’ll like it. We put our skills, hearts and souls into it.

Dani Klein Vaya Con Dios

“Shades of Joy” will be released November 17th 2023, worldwide through CNR Records Belgium

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