New single Out now

New single Out now

Music in general can be a journey and full of surprises. Sometimes fate, good or bad, has a big hand in it. As it did with the forthcoming album by international stars VAYA CON DIOS and the single SHADES OF JOY, their first in almost 2 decades.

It all began when leading lady Dani Klein was stuck, even trapped, in Brussels during the pandemic lockdown. Not being able to go back to her home away from home in Andalucia, she decided to make the best out of a bad situation.

In a previous writing session she had been working on a new song “Shades of Joy”, together with Thierry (Plas) and François (Garny). The three of them started putting chords together and writing new songs and arrangements. Playing it in a loop Dani recorded improvised melodies to them. A selection of the most interesting ideas was made and turned into songs.

The song parades an aspect of Dani Klein’s self-journey, her character and outlook on life. Just as the other songs on the album reveal different tranches of the singer, the vivant, the thinker, the performer. The song script is driven by a jangling, bristling energy-tempo that has the knees thumping, the fingers drumming and the feet and hips swaying out to dance.

An instant jolt that makes you want to ...well .... smile from ear to ear.


This single announces the start of a brand, new collaboration with record company CNR Records.

Dani Klein, Vaya Con Dios:
"I am very happy and honored to have signed a record deal with the Belgian label CNR Records. They were very enthusiastic about the new songs and treated me and my partners, Thierry Plas and François Garny, with kindness and respect. Like me, they are enthusiastic and hard-working people who believe in what they do. We are proud to be part of their artist family."

Tom De Meijer, Managing Director CNR Records:
"Vaya Con Dios is a worldwide phenomenon with an impressive repertoire. So we are more than proud that they are now a part of our CNR music family. This is 1 of the few artists that have had such a strong musical presence in different countries around the world. The new album sounds incredible. Together we will make a thing of beauty out of it."

Co-producers of this wedge of exuberance, as with the whole album, are troubadour compatriots and Brussels musician legends Thierry Plas and François Garny. Together, they have broken the seal and stepped out again. It was worth the wait.


About the single SHADES OF JOY Dani says
"It is a happy song reflecting the atmosphere that surrounded us. I had already written most of the lyrics to the song on the album. Time was running out so I asked Baï Kamara if he would have a go at it. He came up with Shades of Joy, saying he wrote it thinking of who I am and the life I’ve had".

Discover the music video & the lyric video: